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Building a LEGO Universe logo

Amanda Rivera

If you are like me, then you have fond memories of building tall towers made of brightly colored plastic blocks to protect your knight in shining armor as he battles a vividly green, if slightly angular, dragon. Now that NetDevil's LEGO Universe is starting its development cycle, those of us who built worlds with our hands will get a chance to build an entire universe online. Like much about this project, the development team is opening up the design of the game's logo for fan input. They are asking the question what would make a good LEGO Universe logo, and even accepting concepts from young and old alike. A logo is a tough project to undertake, especially for an MMO, because it must convey the spirit of the project at first glance.

When asked about the type of logo they are looking to create, Phillip Atencio of NetDevil mentioned that it must be something that conveys the creativity and energy of LEGO Universe, Fiorella Lee of brought up the phrase "global identity," and Matthew, and 10-year-old focus group participant talked about "lots of colors that shows what is going to happen in the game." So color, energy, and global identity. Well, that should be simple enough. Just draw a LEGO planet orbited by a LEGO cheetah, and throw in my LEGO dragon for good measure. I expect my check in the mail.

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