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COD4 missing 120 p's, not running in HD


We're not sure what exactly is going on, but it seems like developers just can't get the hang of wrangling their p's. First, Halo 3 is discovered to be only 640p and now, according to a (very long) upscaling discussion on the Beyond 3D forums, Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360 is not running in 720p resolution. No, in fact, it is running in (gasp!) 600p. That's 120 p's missing. Where did these p's go? Have their families been notified? These are questions that need answering. Wait, what's that? The game is running with 2X anti-aliasing? Oh, well never mind then. Screw those p's. We never liked them anyway.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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