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NCIS features an oddly full-featured iPhone


People on TV really are different from you and me. Already we know that with the power of bionic hearing, they can use their iPhones upside-down; now apparently they've got special iPhones with mil-spec video capabilities as well. Evidence: last week's "Designated Target" episode of CBS's NCIS. You can watch for yourself on CBS's innerTube player or purchase the episode in iTunes.

Shortly after the opening credits, as the team analyzes the brutal dual murder of a Pentagon official and a cabdriver, one of the NCIS agents (Sean Murray's "Tim McGee") analyzes the video captured from the cab's onboard camera -- by plugging the camera into his iPhone with what appears to be a combination RJ-45/iPod docking cable. Lo and behold, this frankencable allows the iPhone to display the cab video in strikingly high-res black and white. Perhaps Erica has been consulting for the Pentagon?

If you see further examples of such blatant iPhone abuse, by all means send them in.

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