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Popcap's Bookworm now available on mobile phones


Good news for word nerds: Popcap's Scrabble-esque casual game Bookworm is now available for mobile phones in the UK and US. Boring Thanksgiving gatherings can now be ameliorated with hours of word-forming fun on your cellphone, while your Aunt tells her "funny story" for the umpteenth time.

Previously only available on PC, Mac, and Blackberries, the new Bookworm Mobile incorporates control schemes specifically tailored to the limitations of cellphone interfaces. The game also now references the Oxford English Dictionary, and can recognize nearly 140,000 words. T-Mobile will be providing the title in the UK, and all major mobile carriers in the US carry the game.

Apologies in advance for the impending and/or relapsed addictions. Bookworm was bad enough when it was tethered to PCs. Now that it's portable, the dependency is only going to get worse.

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