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Star Trek HD DVD phaser promo details uncloaked

Steven Kim

All you trekkies who picked up a new Toshiba HD DVD player and the Star Trek: The Original Series set to go along with your new toy, perk up your ears Vulcan style. You should already know the CBS-Toshiba Federation have a phaser-styled remote promotion just for you. A $70 value, the remote will operate any Toshiba HD DVD player (if you have a HD DVD player, chances are it's a Toshiba) with Trek-style lights (ooh) and sounds (ahh). It's the perfect way to stay "in character" as you plow through the 10 disc set. In a press release, Toshiba and CBS direct you to a website to claim your phaser; but get to it right away -- the promotion only runs until February 29, or until the limited supply of this Federation-issue sidearm run out.

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