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What we're thankful for: DS edition

Eric Caoili

We asked you to tell us what you were thankful for yesterday for our three-pack giveaway, so it's only right that we commemorate this turkey holiday with our own shout-outs!
  • Eric: I am thankful for those blue shells that helped me win so many races against people who're much better at Mario Kart than me.
  • Alisha: I am thankful for whips ... I mean, awesome, portable dual-screen Castlevania games. With whips. Because whips are awesome.
  • David: I'm thankful for having a portable device I can turn on to ignore people in front of me I don't want to talk to. Tetris music drowns out all.
  • JC: I'm thankful for Brain Age, because photoshopped Brain Age screenshots are a well that will never run dry.
  • Candace: I'm thankful for the crew of Ouendan, without whom we would have long ago succumbed to a giant rat, meteor collision, and alien attack. I'm NOT thankful, however, for the habit it's given me of yelling out "Ouendan!!!" during job interviews when they don't go well.
  • Chris: I'm thankful for every last one of those life-saving straight tetraminoes that got me out of a pickle. And for Animal Crossing, and its ability to drag me away from the gray, depressing mundanities of my real life on a daily basis. *Sniff* Also, it teaches me about dinosaurs and stuff.
Last, but never least, we have to thank you, kind reader. Coming here everyday to see what we're rambling on about, you've been a pal and a confidante. What we're trying to say is, thank you for being a friend.

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