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Put on your party hats - today is WoW's 3rd bday

Dan O'Halloran

Three years of subscribing, questing, farming, enchanting, disenchanting, guilding, deguilding, raiding, wiping, crashing, rp'ing, pvp'ing, min/maxing, faction grinding, level grinding, key grinding, mount grinding, token grinding, epic mount grinding, repairing, upgrading, socketing, reporting, ignoring, voice chatting, instancing, trolling, flaming, unsubscribing and resubscribing.

Not to mention Barrens chat, Chuck Norris, Toyota Tundras, Shatner, Nihilum, server queues, omgwtfbbqs, nerfs, un-nerfs, buffs, debuffs, level cap raises, talent shuffling, guild drama, cyberdrama, Brewfest drama, fishing tournaments, population imbalances, keyloggers, outdated AddOns, forum petitions, uberguild notoriety, Leeroy Jenkins, Jeopardy, Community Manager burnout, Blizzcon mania, ninja looters, drama queens, bank robbers, afkers, market manipulators, pre-mades, bugs, glitches, dot shockers, pewpewpewers, qqers, class hate, class buffs, off-spec ascendance and core spec bitterness.

And people wonder where we find so much to report on.

Happy Birthday, World of Warcraft from the WoW Insider team.

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