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Ars Technica tackles report linking WiFi and autism

An alarming press release made the gaming news circuit last week; stating in layman's terms that WiFi signals can interfere with the natural methods of passing heavy metal toxins (which are theorized as one of the causes of autism) through the body, which can accelerate and worsen symptoms of autism.

However, before throwing that DS or PSP into the nearest lead-coated dumpster, you may want to read Ars Technica's response to the press release. In it, they bring the credibility of the authors into question, and debunk the report's main argument, all the while showing the possible ulterior motives of the two writers.

Considering that the numerous health agencies that have studied the possible health risks of WiFi devices and mobile phones have never found any danger from using wireless technology, we're inclined to agree with Ars Technica. But considering the growth of WiFi technology, and the general lack of understanding about the causes of autism, we'd be surprised if this is the last report of its kind.

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