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HeroStats: enhanced with Issue 11 flavor


Since 2005, the HeroStats Team has produced HeroStats, the premier power-tracking application used across Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Even though the developers have thought of nearly everything, as it's an Open Source application, feel free to make additions to the software. If you are good at coding and testing, however, one thing the team is looking for is a developer who can assist with solidifying the application under Windows Vista. Of course, like all works in progress, there are a few minor issues that are constantly being tweaked, whether due to internal concerns or game client changes. For example, as of 29 October, HeroStats now tracks the power sets introduced in Issue 11. And don't forget, HeroStats works with both the City Information Terminal -- one of the top-rated badge tracking sites on the net -- and the City Game Tracker.

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