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PS3 Assassin's Creed patch coming soon

It's hard out there for an medieval assassin. Yeah, you always have the man breathing down your neck, tellin' you that you're not allowed to run around murdering people - but there're little hassles that come with the job that nobody tells you about. For instance, a little thing called assassin's chafe; the result of a long, warm day of parkour in a time before Gold Bond. That wrist blade brings enough problems of it's own - how can you trust that spring loaded, razor sharp steel when giving a friendly handshake, or using a urinal?

Well, being a virtual hitman is going to get a lot easier very soon -- a patch was recently announced for the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed which will improve the stability of the game, and fix a few freezing issues which plague the title. We're sure Altair would also appreciate it if they would fix that duplicity bug and the far more disturbing "humping guard" glitch. Nothing can ruin your day quite like a sex-crazed sentinel.

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