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Hands-on with Sprint's HTC Touch

Chris Ziegler

We'll admit, when we caught wind that there was a CDMA version of HTC's stylish Touch in the pipe, we were skeptical that it'd be a faithful reproduction. We can't even really put our finger on why, either; we just somehow assume (unfairly so, may we add) that when you take a GSM device and shove it through the CDMA transmogrifier, the phone that comes out the other end is going to be a little thicker, a little less attractive, a little slower, a little harder to use, or some combination of the above. We're delighted to report, though, that the fears are utterly unfounded with this little gem. In fact, if it weren't for the silkscreened Sprint logo front and center, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The similarities carry through to the UI, where the TouchFLO-driven interface gets an ever-so-mild Sprint makeover to add in support for Sprint TV (also, notice how all the icons have a Sprint Yellow hue -- cute). The thing about TouchFLO is that the finger friendliness doesn't go far beyond the home page -- all the standard Windows Mobile apps are here and are designed with a stylus in mind -- and while the stylus is there on the Touch if you need it, we were pleasantly surprised with how accurately we were able to navigate using one hand and a thumb alone. Bottom line: if you liked the original Touch, you'll like Sprint's version, and the addition of 3G certainly doesn't hurt.

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