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Upper Deck hiring TCG designers

Mike Schramm

Lots of action in the WoW TCG this week, as Upper Deck heads to the World Championship in San Diego next weekend. WoW Insider will have more coverage heading into the event (billed as "one of the biggest TCG tournaments ever"), but before we get to that, here's an interesting opportunity for those of you who know the card game so well you might actually like to design it: Upper Deck is hiring.

They've got an R&D position open, so if you have an interest in designing or updating card games for Upper Deck, look it up. They don't specifically say that you'd be working on the WoW game, but the ad is linked from the WoW page, so if you do want to work on the TCG, now's probably your best chance. They do ask for a couple years of card game design experience, so I'd imagine the pool for this is pretty limited already, but you never know-- could be that with the right background and interests, you could be coming up with cards for the next expansion release.

Stay tuned for more info about Upper Deck, the WoW TCG, and this weekend's World Championships.

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