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You shall not pass... LotRO's login servers

Dan O'Halloran

Lord of the RIngs Online went down for maintenance this morning and has yet to come back up over 12 hours later. Turbine took down the game and its forums for routine maintenance today promising to have everything back up in a few hours. That turned into a few more hours. And some more on top of that.

They claim the forums are currently up but I accessing them is still hit and miss. When I do get through, I see a message saying the forums are being rolled back to 4:30am this morning and anything posted since then will be lost.

The game servers are NOT being rolled back. Just the forums.

There is no ETA as of this writing (10:21pm EST), but Turbine has promised that they have "all hands on deck" to get the game servers back up. For any updates, keep an eye on this LotRO page.

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