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Cases for Lego maniacs and music lovers

Eric Caoili

Japanese site GAME Watch has put up reviews for two new DS accessories that've come out in Japan, the first of which is a multicolored set of individual cart cases from Takara Tomy. It's not the best solution for keeping your games protected, as part of the cart is left exposed, but its stackable design allows for some creative decorative pieces. Peek past the break for examples of the cases snapped together all crazy-like. A pack of six retails for 700 yen (approximately $6.35).

The second product, which you can also see photos of after the post break, looks like a standard system pouch, except it leaves the volume slider accessible, and you can plug in headphones even while your DS is tucked in. But wouldn't the DS put your game into Sleep Mode while it's packed up like that? And who uses their handheld like a portable music player, anyway? Perhaps Morigames designed the case with R4 owners and Moonshell (homebrew media player) users in mind. The bright yellow pouch sells for 750 yen (approximately $6.81).

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