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Kutaragi to receive lifetime achievement award

Chris Powell

Despite retiring as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment earlier this year, Ken Kutaragi is still being praised throughout the industry. A couple months ago, Kutaragi was honored at the Entertainment Software Association's "Night to Unite" event, and now the Father of the PlayStation has been given the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award.

The honorary SCE chairman will receive the award at the Interactive Achievement Awards ceremony Feb. 7 for his "contribution to the global in-home entertainment market with the success of the PlayStation, according to Gamasutra.

"Ken Kutaragi's passion, innovative thinking and business savvy sparked a monumental movement that was unstoppable," said AIAS president Joseph Olin. "If it wasn't for Ken and his concept of the original PlayStation, there wouldn't be the billion dollar industry there is today. His contributions have clearly set new standards for developers, publishers and consumers worldwide." Although many gamers like to joke around at all the crazy things Ken has said and done throughout the years, no one can deny his important role in pushing the industry to new heights.

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