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Verizon's XV6800 in the wild, finally available to order

Darren Murph

We had to read over the confirmations a few times before it finally sank in, but apparently, Verizon users that are somehow still interested in the XV6800 can place their orders and -- gasp! -- actually expect a handset to arrive. According to a slew of users over at Howard Forums, VZW is finally selling the aforementioned handset online( (via chat) and over the phone for $249 after all applicable rebates / agreeing to a two-year contract. Additionally, mclass555 substantiated the claims by posting up a shot of his mobile (seen above), which came with a home charger, USB cable, and an extra stylus. Interestingly, the carry pouch that came bundled in lacked the oh-so-necessary belt loop, which seems downright ludicrous, nay, unconscionable to us. Nevertheless, the XV6800 is available now to Verizon users who have stomached the wait, but for whatever reason, we just aren't feeling the excitement.

[Thanks, Jeremy and mclass555]

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