Verizon XV6800 / HTC Titan coming November 16th?

Evan Blass
E. Blass|10.21.07

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Verizon XV6800 / HTC Titan coming November 16th? image
Verizon XV6800 / HTC Titan coming November 16th? image
While AT&T customers have had the same technology for awhile in the 8525 -- and heck, even Sprint users can pick up a Mogul now -- those folks unfortunately locked into a Verizon contract are about two generations behind when it comes to HTC Windows Mobile devices. Well according to a purported insider going by the name "verizonguy" on the PPCgeeks forum, the long wait for VZW's XV6800 version of the Titan may soon be over, with the company reportedly planning a November 16th hard launch. What's more, an online-only soft launch could occur as soon as November 2nd, according to the writeup -- good news indeed, as long as you haven't already left Verizon in frustration for greener pastures.

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