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HD clarity paves the way for new channels

Darren Murph

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No real surprises here, but a recent writeup over at USA Today proclaims that the sheer clarity provided by HDTV could pave the way for a whole new pool of channels. We've already found that sports fans in general typically enjoy watching a game in HD regardless of what teams are competing, and the same seems to prove true when looking at nature. The report pinpoints Discovery's Sunrise Earth and The Smithsonian Channel (among many others) as programs that simply wouldn't have the same allure if not shot in HD. Additionally, Comcast's Derek Harrar even suggested that "pretty-picture content" could prove to be just as desirable as movies and sports. Personally, we've all watched quite a few programs for no other reason than to bask in the glory of how stunning HD can look, but only time will tell if there's a real market for picturesque programming.

[Via The HDTV Blog]

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