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Germany, UK, Netherlands unhappy with EU's selection of DVB-H

Chris Ziegler

Despite a recent drive to lock down DVB-H as the European Union's single, unified standard for mobile television, a handful of member nations are starting to fight back. On the surface, arguments within the EU's hallowed chambers appear to center around concerns that DVB-H's selection is arbitrary (and when we say "arbitrary" we mean "heavily backed by Europe's own Nokia") and that the powers that be should let the market shake itself out; in reality, though, a large bit of the contention likely has to do with the fact that Germany, the UK, and others have all already kicked off systems using the rival DMB standard. The EU wants to see mobile television blessed with the same overwhelming standardization that blessed GSM back in the day -- preferably in time for next year's soccer and Olympic games -- but we've gotta feel for the companies and countries that have already invested heavily in other networks, too. MediaFLO, what say you?

[Via mocoNews]

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