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iPhone/touch-Kindle Smackdown


eMedia. Everyone wants it. And Amazon's Kindle is the latest media darling. For all that, we think that the iPhone and iPod touch may be getting overlooked. These devices offer a full-color screen with 480-pixel wide displays in landscape mode, PDF compatibility without fees, and full access to the Internet. Sure, you have to jailbreak your system or stick with Safari, but feature-to-feature we think Apple's hardware stands up pretty well. What do you think?

Feature Kindle iPhone iPod touch
Cost $399 $399 + $50/month $299
Connectivity EV-DO (free) WiFi & ATT/EDGE (monthly charge) WiFi (free)
Onboard Memory 256 MB 8 GB 8 GB
Memory Expandability SD slot No No
Screen Size 600x800 320x480 320x480
Measurement 6" diagonal 3.5" diagonal 3.5" diagonal
Screen Depth 2-bit Grayscale Full color Full color
Book Software Included PDF reader and Books (requires jailbreak) PDF reader and Books (requires jailbreak)
PDF compatibility Yes. (You pay to email directly to the Kindle.) With free software With free software
Flash Support no no no
3rd Party Apps None at this time Unofficial only until February Unofficial only until February
Weight 10.3 ounces 4.8 ounces 4.2 ounces
Video Playback No Yes Yes
Newspapers and Magazines By special subscription, full content or via websites (with the Kindle's experimental browser)
Via websites Via websites
Physical Keyboard Yes No No
Touch Screen No Yes Yes
Font resizing Yes (6 levels) Yes (arbitrary) Yes (arbitrary)

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