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Rock Band almost gets dude evicted

Justin McElroy

As Argent, KISS and Wyld Stallyns have all reminded us at various points in history, the Man Upstairs passed rock down through the ages and heavens for you to enjoy. But you'd be wise to keep in mind that though God gave rock 'n' roll to you, your landlord can still take your apartment away. It was something almost forgotten by a junior rocker that goes by "luminary pants" (not his real name) on the official Rock Band forums.

It seems that LP's neighbors took none too kindly to his mid-afternoon rocking with the game and, as a result, his landlord delivered an eviction notice. Luckily, cooler (in the James Dean sense) heads prevailed and the guys were able to keep their pad when they showed their landlord that they weren't playing at an unreasonable volume. Wow, discussing a conflict peacefully with an authority figure and then coming to an amicable solution! How much more rock 'n' roll can you get?!

[Via X3F]

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