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Henry Jenkins sounds off on Spencer Halpin's 'Moral Kombat'

Who is Henry Jenkins, you might ask? You should be ashamed for not knowing. Henry Jenkins is a gentleman and a scholar. He's a professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT, and is a widely renowned expert on the effects of video games on the people who play them. He's also an interviewee in Spencer Halpin's Moral Kombat, a new documentary about the debates surrounding violent video games, which Jenkins heralds as "perhaps the most important film ever made about video games."

Yes, we know there was quite a bit of backlash to the film's trailer which popped up early this year due to it's anti-violent game stance and, you know, its blaming of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on video games. But according to a recent blog entry on Jenkins' personal site, the film is much more balanced than the trailer makes it out to be.

The film apparently gave a number of big names on both sides of the debate (Jack Thompson, Jason Della Rocca, Joseph Lieberman, and American McGee, to name a few) ample time to discuss their opinions in a relatively laid-back setting -- a jarringly different environment from the media circus-style debates that we've become rather accustomed to. This is the major strength of the film, according to Jenkins -- "we are all served by getting a taste of the complexity with which these matters get discussed behind closed doors within the gaming world."

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