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The Daily Grind: In-game holiday gifts

The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means! That's right -- lots of pie to be had! No, seriously. It means 'tis the season to be on the lookout for cool things for friends both near and far. Of course, as obvious as it seems, one of the things we've heard bandied about is the idea of giving in-game gifts to in-game friends. Know a raiding Resto Shaman in WoW who is always complaining about bag space? Why not get them either a Healing Potion Injector or a Mana Potion Injector! For games with player housing, you can always craft up something nifty for their in-game house. Have a collector on your list? You can't beat non-combat pets -- or whatever it is they're collecting. We think one of the best gifts we've heard suggested is the gift of time. Now we're not just talking about timecards (although those are always pretty awesome in our opinion) -- we mean making time to help friends with a tough quest, or running a mission/instance that's proven problematic for them. Of course, you could always just take the easy way out like my guild does and just send each other cards in real life! It's always nice to see snailmail that isn't all bills at this time of year, and it's pretty cheap to do. (Of course, be warned if your guild is anything at all like mine, you may not get some of the holiday cards until Valentine's Day...)

Now that we've given you some of our ideas, what kinds of things will you be thinking about giving to your in-game friends? Do you have anything you've been crafting up for your guild-mates? Is there something that you'd like to get as an in-game gift yourself? Or do you think the whole idea is totally nuts and we should really get out more?

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