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Ken and Chun Li coming to Perfect KO MMOG

Michael Zenke

The Insert Credit site has the news that the Korean online fighting game Perfect KO (which enters Beta test this month), will feature the Street Fighter characters Ken and Chun Li as playable avatars. The licensing deal for this unique Asian-aimed title surprised commentator Brandon Sheffield: It's interesting for a few reasons - one is that the characters are customizable, so you'll be able to tailor your SF folks a bit. Another is that the company has stated (according to the second linked article) that they're open to more licenses in the future from other fighting games. And in fact, it's quite interesting that they'll be 3D. Who will provide the models, I wonder?

The news comes originally from the Japanese gaming site 4gamer (babelfish translation). Perfect KO is in development by the company Neowiz, makers of titles like Silk Road, Shot Online, and SEALS Online. The best example of the game's playstyle I could find is a YouTube trailer for the title. (Sound is NSFW, as there is a Linken Park song dubbed over the footage; video should be fine.)

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