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Kuju opens new Nik Nak studio aimed at kids

Jason Dobson

Mere days after the announcement of Kuju's new download-focused studio doublesix, the company has turned an eye towards developing children's titles by opening up yet another studio, this one adopting the appropriately playful name Nik Nak.

The new studio, Kuju's sixth, will be captained by industry vet Kevin Holloway, and plans to create kid-friendly games across a variety of platforms aimed at players between the ages of 6 and 12, with all games carrying ESRB ratings of 'E' for everyone 10+ or below.

The first titles from Nik Nak are expected to be announced sometime in 2008, and while it remains anyone's guess what sorts of games will emerge from this new studio, the company has confirmed that its initial batch of releases will be based on an undisclosed high profile IP. Thinking back on our own time spent growing up, raised by television's glowing warmth, we'd wish that this new property would appeal to our inner child with something along the lines of G.I. Joe or He-Man. Maybe Thundercats. Our Magic 8-ball says "wishful thinking."

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