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Gerstmann-gate: Tuesday update

Kyle Orland

Official statement or no, fan reaction to the firing of Jeff Gerstmann continues practically unabated:
  • Gamespot readers have tagged the official Gamespot news story rather, er, harshly (see image above).
  • Not everyone is on the anti-Gamespot bandwagon, though. Check out IGN's Hillary Goldstein, and the possibly satirical
  • The story continues to drip slowly into the mainstream press. Check out Fishbowl LA, and the Syracuse University Daily Orange.
  • GameBump takes Eidos to task for misleading "review" quotes and a "five-star" rating image in the intro. for the official Kane & Lynch web site. GameSpy and Kotaku are confused as well.
  • Pronet Advertising uses Gamespot as a case study in "How To Destroy Your Brand And Alienate People"
  • GameSetWatch's Kevin Gifford: "Game publishers ... don't care what Jeff Gerstmann or any reviewer has to say about their games. They care about the score, the Metacritic average, and it's been that way ever since the Internet became the primary vehicle for game media."
  • More from Gamespot freelancer Frank Provo: "Even if they don't get pressured to cut me loose because I've made a few posts here, I personally cannot write for a site that, for whatever reasons, wants to bring its review scores and tone more in line with the Metacritics/GameRankings medians, and is willing to pressure its writers to nudge in that direction."

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