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GameFly Tunes music downloads start today


GameFly, in partnership with a company called Brandracket, will begin offering subscribers five free pre-selected songs to download per month beginning today. The feature is called GameFly Tunes and will highlight up-and-coming and established artists. Non-subscribers will have the option to download one featured track from the GameFly site. The first month will present music from artists RJD2, Thievery Corporation, Shadows Fall, Ok Go and Little Brother.

Although not earth-shattering news (some answers as to what is going on with the jammed-up availability queues would be nicer), some added value for the site and subscribers is always nice. We'll take five free legally downloaded songs -- free and legal we like. Who knows, there might even be a couple gems in the song choices we can listen to on our iPod while playing Phase.

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