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New Folklore content coming this month

Justin McElroy

Folklore isn't a gigantic, blockbuster title, so its nice to see its fans get a little love in the form on two downloadable content packs coming this month to the PlayStation Network. The first, "The Kidnapped Folk," includes quests to track down some kidnapped Folk, a new look for female lead Ellen and a new Folk called Maximillian, seen at right (think Pac-Man joining the SCA).

The second is called "Bottom of the Sea," and adds new missions set ... well, at the bottom of the sea. There's also a new Folk called Phutcampus. If you're interested in these new facets of the Folklore world it's going to cost you, though. The packs will run you $3.99 a piece or two for $5.99. We'll let you know when we hear a concrete release date.

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