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NFL Network's Cowboys vs. Packers matchup set cable records

Darren Murph

We had a sneaking suspicion that last Thursday's tilt between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers would draw a crowd, but considering the less-than-stellar proliferation of the NFL Network in America, we definitely didn't see this coming. Reportedly, over 10 million folks tuned in to catch the marquee matchup between two 10-1 squads, which resulted in a 14.6 coverage area rating. To put that in perspective, the amount of viewers glued to the aforementioned matchup outnumbered those watching the second through fourth most-watched cable shows (combined) by 100,000. Furthermore, the November 29th showdown became the 11th most-watched cable show this year, only trailing Disney's High School Musical 2, eight Monday Night Football games and the series finale of The Sopranos. Not too shabby, eh?

[Image courtesy of ESPN / AP's LM Otero]

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