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The DS Life: Dear Santa 2: Judgment Day

Eric Caoili

The DS Life is a weekly feature in which we scour the known world for narrative images of Nintendo's handhelds and handheld gamers. If you have a photo and a story to match it with, send both to thedslife at dsfanboy dot com.

As every successful endeavor requires an unexceptionable sequel, we've created just that with this installment of The DS Life! We're revisiting last week's theme of "Dear Santa" notes, promising a production packed with more laughs, more special effects, and most importantly, more letters. We actually can't guarantee those first two points, but we're almost absolutely sure we'll deliver on that third one!

To streamline the gift-wishing process, the kindergarteners at Buckeye Valley North Elementary were provided with crayons and a simple form to illustrate their hearts' desires. What follows are a few of the results from the school's "Dear Santa" project.

"Garrett wants a Nintendo DS"
It's a little hard to see, but the ABXY buttons and the directional pad have been accidentally transposed in this picture. Hopefully, Garret's parents will quickly spot the error and avoid purchasing him a shoddy knock-off. No kid deserves to receive a Neo DS for Christmas!

"Dylan wants a Game Boy"
This almost looks like the Crimson and Onyx edition of the Nintendo DS Lite. Are you sure that isn't what you really want, Dylan? Don't you want two screens? Don't you want to play Nintendo DS games? Don't you want the latest Pokeymens?

"Grace wants a PSP"
This looks like another Nintendo DS Lite to us! Parents, please take note -- if your children ask you for a PSP for Christmas, feel free to disregard their requests. They probably meant to ask you for a Nintendo DS.

"Cameron wants a crane"
Alright, so this doesn't look like a Nintendo DS at all, but it does look like the awesomest construction crane ever. It's an expensive gift to ask for, but great artwork, Cameron!

"Nathan wants a real dog"
Nathan won't settle for any of that Nintendogs nonsense, he wants the real deal; the real deal being a rainbow-colored puppy with, uh, a fish tail. You know, so he can swim better.

"Emily wants skating dogs" (spelled backwards)
After seeing this drawing, we totally want skating dogs too! Please buy us skating dogs, Emily's parents! Not the Skate 'N Tricks Puppy, please; we want real skating dogs.

"Maddie wants a dog and a tool box"
Despite its purple fur, this is probably the most realistic dog drawing out of the bunch. But why is Maddie asking for a tool box to accompany the pet? Perhaps she wants to install her pooch's skates herself? Who knows what crazy ideas and stratagems these kids have cooked up!

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