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Custom Wii on eBay LIKE NEW, except not [update]


Why lay down a fat stack of cash for a new Wii on eBay when you can get one that is like new ... if, by "like new," you mean "has been modded and messed with and some dude played Fergie songs and Naruto on it." At the moment, iliksprite's modded, region-free Wii is a whopping penny, but with a brightly-lit controller and five extra real games, not minigames, thrown in (read: probably copies of real games), we expect this one may garner some bids. After all, with Wiis in such high demand, we've seen even the ugliest of skinned systems roll out for upwards of $500, and this one isn't ugly. Just warranty-free and not particularly new.

[Update: As one of our commenters noticed, it seems this listing is gone from eBay. A shame, too -- we were hoping to snag something like this just in time for "chrostmas." It's our favorite time of year!]

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