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Jaffe wouldn't mind a little involvement with God of War III


David Jaffe, creator of the original God of War, says he would love to be involved somehow with God of War III, even though he's no longer with Sony. He notes that if he could figure out how to freeze time and still make it home for dinner with the family -- and if Sony would let him work on the project -- he'd do it. Jaffe says that he had a "master plan" for the God of War story when he was still with Sony and that the Santa Monica team has his notes -- but whether they want to follow them is their choice.

That's just one small part of a large interview done by GameDaily BIZ with Jaffe. In the full interview, he discusses his new studio Eat, Sleep, Play and what it's like focusing on medium-sized titles. There's a pretty frank discussion about how he just couldn't get into BioShock -- he blames being too focused on the "nuts and bolts of play mechanics." There's a lot more straightforward Jaffe talk too, but honestly, did you expect anything less?

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