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The Daily Grind: The silence is deafening

Sometimes I think my life has a soundtrack. Heavens knows I keep my music on nearly all the time in one form or another. Endlessly cycling through songs on my desktop, my mp3 player with me when I'm not near my computer. Even my crackberry has song clips as ring tones rather than just regular ring tones. So the idea of doing anything without music makes me twitchy.

As mentioned in Yesterday on Massively, I spent quite a bit of time in EVE last night. While zipping around, it dawned on me that EVE is probably one of the few games that I actually listen to the in-game soundtrack on. Now this isn't to downplay the excellent soundtracks of games like World of Warcraft and the like. But I'll be honest -- I've gotten sick of WoW's music as I've heard nearly all of it by now -- myriad times. As such today's question is: what in-game music has been something you've just gone bonkers for, and you will actually keep your music off for? Are there any such games? If not, what kind of music would you like to hear as a game soundtrack? For that matter, what kinds of things do you listen to if it's not the in-game music?

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