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LotRO Founders to receive a horse for Christmas

William Dobson

Good news for Founders and those with Lifetime accounts for Lord of the Rings Online -- an early Christmas present is on its way. Turbine has announced that, to thank those with the above account types for their support of LotRO, they will be giving them an in-game horse.

The mount will be slower than the level 35 variety, but will be usable from level 25, so it is intended to speed the traveling of alts. If you are a Founder (had pre-ordered the game before release) or have a Lifetime account, check your inventory for a receipt to hand in and get your Bree Horse.

However, it's not just lumps of coal for everyone else. There will be a holiday promotion for the rest of you coming soon, and some other rewards programs for subscribers (possibly like what is used in EverQuest 2) are being planned for next year -- and there's the already-revealed discount offer for monthly fees. 'Tis the season to be thrifty!

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