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LtWV Wrist Vmote Lightglove is one funky input device


We've seen so many gimmicky input devices -- keyboards, mice, tilt-a-mice, the like -- that we almost dismissed this little gem at first glance. The LtWV Wrist Vmote Lightglove is based on your wrist moment, but not in a vague waving-around sense. Instead, the device uses light to scan your palm and sense wrist, hand and finger motion to simulate cursor movement and key presses accordingly. The goal is to act as an input device for computers, PDAs, phones, video games, TV and pretty much anything else that can benefit from such input. Lightglove integrates with an onscreen keyboard for "hunt and peck" and touch typing, and should be a help to those suffering from carpal tunnel or other hand challenges. Of course, if done wrong the system could be much more annoying than helpful, but it's been in development for about seven years, and just received a CES Innovations 2008 award, so hopefully it's the real deal and we can finally rid ourselves of these last century peripheral conceptions.

[Via Mobilewhack]

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