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New Winter Veil details revealed

Dan O'Halloran

This year's Feast of Winter Veil seasonal event will run from December 15 through January 2. It will include all that we've grown to love from Christmas in Azeroth: presents under the tree, snowball fights, Smokywood Pasture vendors, searching for the missing reindeer Metzen and waiting to talk to Greatfather Winter. But, just like Hallow's End, Blizzard is adding a few new twists to this year's festivities.

The Preserved Holly used to temporarily transform your mount into a Reindeer will now work on flying mounts. We had a head's up on this a while ago when the models were discovered on the PTR.

Also, /kissing any Winter Reveler NPC will grant you a new item called a Handful of Snowflakes. You can use this item to create a light snowfall around any other player.

A new present will be available under the Winter Veil tree: a mechanotoy non-combat robot. Again, we saw this one coming courtesy of MMO-Champion.

And finally, Blizzard released a list of bosses that will be putting on festive clothing to celebrate getting slaughtered by college kids home for the holidays. This year's Holiday-garbed piñatas are:
  • Grand Warlock Netherkurse (Shattered Halls)
  • Grandmaster Vorpil (Shadow Labyrinth)
  • Exarch Maladaar (Auchenai Crypts)
  • Captain Skarloc (Durnholde Keep)
  • Nethermancer Sepethrea (Mechanar)
  • High Botanists Freywinn (Botanica)
The boss transformation only runs from December 25 to January 2.

Don't forget that WoW Insider is in the festive mood as well. We're giving away Feast of Winter Veil TCG sets. If you want to enter to win, you better hurry. The give away ends at 3:00pm EST today.

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