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Second Life holiday shopping guide - December 8th edition

Moo Money

I probably had something witty to say when I started this list, but that was 7 solid hours ago, and I'm not even sure I want to look at another Second Life ad listing again! However, I've found more amazing listings from 89 incredible designers for your shopping enjoyment. If you followed along with last week's guide, you'll notice that the list more than doubled! Keep in mind that some of the deals from the December 1st edition are still going on.

With that said, I structured this week's guide differently because of the sheer size of it. The categories are: Freebies, Cheapies, Free to group members, Sales, Regular-priced, For men, and Home and Garden. Once again, they are listed with the shop name linking to a store SLURL and what they're selling, with a link to their blog or forum post about the item. If you release something in the coming week, let me know, or leave a comment here, and I'll include it in next week's guide. Happy shopping!

Read on for cheapies, group members only, sales, regular-priced items, menswear, and home and garden items ...


For group members:
Regular price:
For the men:
Home and Garden:
One last note - the designers without links are getting lumps of coal in their stockings this year. They didn't provide SLURLs and I can't get into SL to get them. If you know them, inform them that SLURLs are their friend!

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