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AT&T aims for one million U-Verse subscribers by end of 2008

Darren Murph

Barely a month after AT&T admitted that a million less households would have access to U-Verse by the end of 2008, the outfit is now aiming to have that very amount of subscribers before 2009 dawns. Reportedly, AT&T group president of telecom operations John Stankey made that proclamation during a recent presentation to Wall Street analysts, and it was noted that while U-Verse only has 126,000 latched on right now, around 10,000 installs are being requested each week. Oh, and if you were wondering how this tied into those potentially ludicrous AT&T / EchoStar DISH Network partnership whispers, the provider purportedly reiterated its goal to "dramatically grow" its own service to compete with alternatives.

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