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Is this the PSP phone? Probably not, but Sony Ericsson should take note

Chris Ziegler

Corporate denials aside, a gaming handset from Sony Ericsson seems to make flat-out good sense -- particularly in light of Nokia's renewed emphasis on making N-Gage a success. What's more, you figure that Sony Ericsson has swiped Sony's Walkman and Cyber-shot brands for its own devices, so why not PlayStation, too? Indeed, it seems the "PSP phone" rumor ain't dying until the phone is magically willed into existence by the hopeful masses, and here's another bundle of kindling to toss into the fire: a shot of Stuff's latest issue in the UK, featuring an unusually real (and realistic) looking PlayStation-branded handset. Of course, odds are that Stuff's graphics peeps have just taken a little creative license in rendering their dream phone, but if that's the case, we think Sony Ericsson would be wise to pay attention -- it's a beaut, is it not?

[Via Unwired View]

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