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Reminder: New Halo 3 maps available now

Justin McElroy

We know that with the slew of new games being released, it's easy to forget about a little indie title called Halo 3 that came out in late September. But don't you miss those first days? Don't you miss that feeling you got when you first ripped open the plastic, greedily snatching the disc within and sliding it into your 360, praying all the while that the rings would not choose this day to visit you?

Now, you can reclaim a bit of that old wonder with the new, 800-point Heroic Map Pack, which is now available on Xbox Live. For $10, you can get three new maps (Foundry, Standoff and Rat's Nest) and remind yourself why even old, old, old men can recognize Halo 3's greatness.

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