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Rock Band Weekly: You're such a punk


Take a trip back to CBGB and get your anti-authoritarian ideologies polished and scrubbed for this week's Rock Band downloadable content. Some of the masters of punk (rebels of punk?) are now available for your musical pleasure. The Ramones, The Clash and the Buzzcocks all crash the party on the the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network just like they were expected to. Only one more week before we enter the void and become pretty much unaware of what songs Harmonix will drop each week for the DLC. Although, if there's a piece of info we missed, be sure to let us know.

Punk Pack - $5.50:
  • Rockaway Beach -- The Ramones ($2)
  • I Fought the Law -- The Clash ($2)
  • Ever Fallen In Love -- Buzzcocks ($2 *Cover*)
After the break we have videos of all the songs above for those not up on their punk. There's The Ramones at the aforementioned CBGBs, The Clash in concert, and the Buzzcocks on what we're guessing is BBC's Top of the Pops (or something similar). No sense in buying music sound unheard.

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