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Sony brings 4K SRX-R220 digital cinema systems to two Singapore theaters

Darren Murph

Just a few short months after four theaters here in America were blessed with a number of Sony CineAlta SXRD 4K digital cinema systems, two Cathay Cineplexes in Singapore are getting to enjoy such luxuries, too. Sony is reportedly installing its latest CineAlta 4K SRX-R220 digital cinema projectors, together with the LMT-100 Media Block servers and LSM-100 Screen Management System, in the flagship The Cathay Cineplex along with one other less notable venue. Apparently, the project is slated to reach completion "early next year," and according to the president of Cathay Organization Holdings, it is looking at the possibility of introducing said technology into its cinemas in Malaysia and Dubai. Now, if only these things would totally infiltrate more theaters in the US of A, we'd have no reason to be completely envious.

[Via DCinemaToday]

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