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The Daily Grind: It's better to burnout than to fade away

One of the things that any MMO player who has been playing for a while can tell you about is burnout. You know, that point in time where you get to where you dread logging into your game of choice. It may be because you've never made it very far and you can't manage to solo content by yourself; it could be because you're not interested in listening to 24 other people bicker about what's going on with loot; it can be just as simple as not being excited or happy to be in that particular world anymore. Whatever the case may be, we've probably all felt it at one time or another.

In my case, I'm burned out on raiding. Of course, it seems to be most all there is to do once you hit endgame in World of Warcraft, so I find myself logging in less and less. Of course, for me, the nice part about this gig is that a whole bunch of other worlds then open up to me to check out, which I find I've been really enjoying. But for today's question, we'd like to ask what you do when you get to the point where logging in feels more like work and less like fun? Do you jump around from game to game, hoping something will take? Do you go outside (gasp) and spend some quality time under that bright fiery ball in the sky? Do you get more reading time in? Do you just keep going because others are depending on you until such a time as you absolutely can't stand it anymore? We're curious. How do you handle the burnout?

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