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Helio brings full-featured YouTube to the Ocean

Chris Ziegler

Okay, so we've had a chance to play around with this app, and as mobile YouTube apps go, it's pretty hot (and yes, that includes the eye candy-rich iPhone version). Helio's latest stab at opening the vast world of time-wasting, brain-numbing video entertainment to its subscribers matches the very best in the market for slickness and ease of use, but that's just the beginning -- as Helio describes it, they're now providing the "most complete YouTube experience currently available on mobile." That rather boastful claim is backed up by a handful of cool features like dead simple instant uploading, geo-tagging of posted videos using the Ocean's integerated GPS, and login capability, which allows users to rate, comment, and post video replies as they would on their PCs. Thanks goodness Helio decided to go free with this stuff, eh? Look for it to be available to Ocean owners today.

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