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DirecTV Starship takes NFL Network to Bright House customers

Darren Murph

You're already quite aware of how the NFL Network feels about cable companies (and vice-verse) who refuse to carry the channel or stash it on a special programming tier, but DirecTV is giving Bright House customers in Florida a way to tune in without switching content providers. In a move that's as propagandistic as it is bold, the satellite provider will be giving cable customers in the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando, Florida areas a chance to catch NFL Network telecasts as well as a healthy serving of promotional material. Starting tonight with the Broncos - Texans matchup, citizens of Tampa will be able to peer up at the Starship and "enjoy the game," after which it will head to St. Petersburg for the Bengals - 49ers game on Saturday. Next week, those in Orlando can check out Steelers - Rams and Cowboys - Panthers, and hey, don't fret about missing out on this thing -- we're pretty sure you'll notice that 2,100-square foot screen hovering above your city.

[Image courtesy of DTV101]

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