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Pharrell tires of gilded BlackBerry, targets iPhone next

Chris Ziegler

Remember Pharrell Williams' solid gold BlackBerry 8700? Well, it turns out there's this little problem with coating your electronics in gold: they become obsolete long before the gold does. No worries, though; when you're Pharrell, exchanging that ancient piece of RIM kit for something a little more en vogue is as simple as pulling out the pocketbook. As you might imagine, Pharrell's newly yellowed iPhone is no fewer than 18 karats in purity, but unlike other phones in his collection that suffer from some amount of signal degradation, this one maintains the black plastic piece on the rear for reception's sake (now why you'd actually want to make calls on this as opposed to, say, just looking at it, we have no idea -- you'd have to ask Pharrell). No word on just how much coin was exchanged for this little surgical procedure, but we're pretty sure we don't want to know.

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