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Tuar Annwn's Date Auction on Moon Guard this Saturday

Mike Schramm

Here's something different-- RP guild Tuar Annwn is going to host a "date auction" this Saturday on the Moon Guard server, to raise money for their Winter Ball being held next month. They say it's going to go down near the North Sanctum in Eversong Woods on the 15th at 9pm server, but they don't exactly say how it's going to go down-- gold, it seems, will be paid, but what exactly does a "date" entail? A romantic trip to the Hinterlands? An evening walk through the magical city of Silvermoon? Dinner and a Deadmines run?

Looks like it'll be fun no matter what happens. Also of note is that apparently only women are being auctioned off (fine with me, but rich people of all sexes might want something to spend their gold on), and as far as I can tell, there's no guarantee that the woman you "buy" is actually a woman out of game-- ah, the magic of roleplaying. Of course, for the Blood Elves, it may not matter-- Mortarian contributes this gem of a comment: "Most of Silvermoon City probably thinks that monogamy is a type of wood." Funny.

Should be an interesting event. As always, if you go, take pictures and send them to us. We always enjoy seeing interesting player-run events around the realms.

[Via WoW LJ]

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