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Wii Fit step, step, steps its way atop Japanese charts


Brawn has finally triumphed over its nerdy nemesis brain, with Nintendo's balancercise board bullying Professor Layton away from the top spot in the Japanese software sales chart. In its second week, Wii Fit sold 150,000 units at retail, making for a grand total of approximately 411,000. Less easy to calculate: the amount of damage Japanese exergamers have incurred while knocking things over in their teeny tiny apartments.

Another notable entry in last week's chart is Hironobu Sakaguchi's post-Final Fantasy Xbox 360 epic, Lost Odyssey. It debuted in seventh position with 55,000, a number pointed out by Gamasutra to be over 25,000 less than Blue Dragon's opening week last year. Though the JRPG still fared much better than most Xbox 360 games (what with it actually breaking into the top ten), even Assassin's Creed managed a modest 41,000 units during its first week.

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