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Sony Ericsson patent app details LCD watch hands

Darren Murph

Considering the hordes of utterly unsightly timepieces that find their way into our browsers, we've got to hand it to Sony Ericsson -- it's done a pretty fine job at keeping its name attached to watches that are, you know, wearable. That being said, we're not surprised to see such an intriguing patent app surface from the aforementioned firm, and honestly, we'd be even less shocked if this thing eventually went beyond the drawing board. As the picture above partially demonstrates, SE has envisioned a watch with LCD hands along with an LCD display resting behind 'em, theoretically enabling the hands to "vanish" while users peek a quick video or read a text message on the screen beneath. Call us crazy, but we're pretty sure even the likes of Bond and Tracy would approve of this.

[Via Cellpassion]

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