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Honeywell intros HDMI over CAT5 in-wall baluns

Steven Kim

We've griped about HDMI before, but it's not a standard that's going to go away anytime soon and it does make for a convenient, all-in-one A/V connection. But non-captive plugs aside, cable lengths beyond about 50-feet are a dicey proposition without resorting to extra hardware. Enter Honeywell's new HDMI-to-CAT5 baluns, which enable you to distribute your HDMI whole-house stye in a package that's more decor-friendly than other solutions. The single gang wall plate style devices allow you to pipe 1080p signals up to 125-feet over CAT5 cable, and 200-feet if you've pulled CAT6 through the walls. The baluns have Honeywell's CURxE "self-healing" technology, so corrupted EDID or HDCP data is restored at the receiving end and troubleshooting of other signal issues is available. If you're building a new home or pulling new wires through old walls, look for these in mid-December (hey, that's now -- start looking!).

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